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    Oh yes.

    Some of you may remember me posting about getting an buzz that was audible on some channels and not others? Well after a fortnight of it I was heartily sick of it (particularly when I knew which ones it would do it on). So a call to Sky and an engineer booked to come out for today (monday).

    Started off with a phone call to let me know that theyd be there between 9 and 12 and turned up at 9:45:00. Showed them the problem (which sods law wasnt as bad as it had been the last couple of days, but isn't that the way?) they thought that it was just the hd but offered me a replacement box anyway. I of course accepted and lo and be hold they took out a pace box. I asked which was better Amstrad or Pace and both of them went "Oh pace is much better". Only thing is they didn't mention whether it was a refurb or a brand new one. One thing I did notice is that the signal strength was only half way on input two. Is this ok? I've checked the stations and they seem to be ok.

    Just had a play with it for a bit and it already seems much much quieter in operation than the amstrad ever was!

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