Restored Dam Busters fly again


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According to the Telegraph, technicians spent over two months down at Pinewood Film Studios "cleaning and enhancing" the original neg, using specialist kit to "correct flaws, reduce grain and scratches and achieve new high-definition pictures"

It seems Studio Canal were involved in the restoration (as they are with Universal in the Peter Jackson remake) so let's keep our fingers crossed these two are destined for HD DVD :thumbsup:

Source The Register


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There are some legitimate sfx tweaks we can do to old films.

The most common sfx shot in old films is superimposition. This is usually done by shooting the background (like a starfield in space), then a spaceship, then cutting out the spaceship from one layer, and cutting out a matching 'spaceship shape' from the starfield.

Or the sky and a model bomber, in the case of The Dam Busters.

These usually don't match too well, causing some fuzziness round the edges.

If (and it's a big if) the original elements are still intact, you can take the two shots and match them perfectly by computer.

I have no problem with this - the fuzziness is doubtless a problem that drove the original sfx guys mad, and the computer match is doubtless a solution they'd have used had they had the opportunity.

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I don't have a problem lf they clean up the sfx. If they replace them with new shots then any disc release should allow you to choose which version you watch. The BBC did this to great effect with some of the old Dr Who.

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Ok, confused.

I've had the link removed from my original post and the 'Source The Register' comment added.

Are we not allowed to link to other news sites now as I've never had a problem before?

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