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Restaurant scrolling menu


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Hi guys,

A client wants their restaurant food menu on a TV screen so it scrolls down through the whole menu. Obviously this would be easy enough to create a looping video of the menu but they also want it to be editable so each week they can change the specials menu.

I have no idea how this word work? I would imagine it would need to be on a laptop connected to the TV and some software to edit the text and play the video. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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Powerpoint should do the job, or the free version in openoffice.


You could probably set it up on a android tablet or an ipad.
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I would look at a content management based website and some sort of simple web browser - maybe thin client or Android.

This way you can set this up for them and then they can edit the text quite simply. Signage Live has a commercial system available for £85 per player per year, so this might be a simple starting point? Not sure if their software supports scrolling, but you can certainly animate slides and the like,


Powerpoint will do what you want in a fairly basic way, but the pro method is using digital storage. This gives you an easy to use drag & drop interface for adding pictures & text or even video to a presentation. These can be bought as a software only package (there are free versions as well) or you can get dedicated hardware with the software to update it to run on a PC.
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A "Software solution" almost certainly...
Has the Restaurant owner see this somewhere?
Reads like a nightmare - surely there is something nice to be handed card-based Menu . . . as it gives the customer an opportunity to make contact with the Waiter/Server. It also establishes who is paying.


A "Software solution" almost certainly...
Why? If the person using it is not very IT literate then it may be easier for a self contained unit that does it simply without needing to worry about keeping a PC running with Anti-Virus & Windows updates etc etc.
With digital signage it is quick and easy to create a new design without any printing costs, add photo's and/or video etc. I use digital signage at work and it does have many advantages over the likes of Powerpoint, and is far easier to setup the presentation IMO.
Reads like a nightmare - surely there is something nice to be handed card-based Menu . . . as it gives the customer an opportunity to make contact with the Waiter/Server.
Or the way I read it - they want this in the window to draw customers into the restaurant, not instead of the menu on the tables once the customer is in there.
If it was just for inside then I would agree a printed menu is better, but a moving image in the window draws your attention and then hopefully creates more footfall into the premises.


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