Respring causes crash?


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My iPhone 4 and iPad1 have both suddenly started crashing on resprings. In the past, very occasionally, I'd get the respring crash screen (with option to restart). Now when I respring the iPhone 4, it freezes on the restarting springboard swirly disc screen, although there is still some functioality, as spring flash on the power button and bite SMS send message on volume down still work, but otherwise phone is dead.

The only way to break it out of this is to force it to reboot completely, which I managed to do by starting the dfu mode key press sequence and it then eventually went to the apple/greenposi0n reboot icons.

The iPad didn't require any intervention to force it out of respring, it did it itself, but only after getting the respring crash message and clicking on restart.

Any thoughts? Don't like this sudden instability on both products, which have previously been pretty rock solid.


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I can't give a definitive answer.
But it sounds like a software/compatiblity problem (maybe Cydia type Apps) and I guess you've installed the same software on both iDevices.
"Cydget", is known to cause problems, maybe you have that installed ?

Another way to reboot is to press and hold the Sleep and Home buttons together for about 10 secs.
That should be quicker than a DFU reboot.


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Thanks for thoughts. Agree it must be a cydia app compatibility issue, although I have only installed 2 recent apps on my iPhone - igotya and auto3g, neither of which are on my iPad, which suggests it's an upgrade of an existing Cydia app on both devices, rather than a new one. There were no problems on either device until very recently.

Difficult to know what to do, but if it was a buggy upgrade, hopefully a further upgrade may help.

Cheers anyway.


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No, I haven't done a full restore yet - I've been kind of hoping that whatever cydia app is causing the problem will get a patch soon, and the problem will go away, although that may not necessarily happen. Doing a respring still causes a crash, and the phone is generally a lot more unstable - which isn't ideal.

I have about 30 Cydia apps installed, and have got a chronological list of them, so I guess I could work back and uninstall the last few, as the problem only recently arose, rather than do a full restore, and then put them all back 1 at a time - restoring just takes ages when the 32gb phone is 90% full. Does this approach work, or is a full clean restore the better bet (I guess it is, but is obviously more of a pain)?

Just for reference, IGotYa and Auto3G are the last 2 cydia apps installed - am 99% sure there were no issues before then - just in case anyone is aware of any general compatibility issues with these apps. Also, I quite like these 2 apps, especially Auto3G, so would be a shame to have to uninstall them permanently!


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Update - It was definitately IGotYa that was causing all the problems. Uninstalled it and resprings fine, and back to former robust stability. Will watch for updates to see if that solves the problem, and may email the dev.

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