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I have a Sony sxrd KDS-55A2000 tv thats coming up to 5 years old now & it has served me well but im thinking of buying a new tv soon.
My main use for the tv is for gaming on my xbox 360, I allways thought of LCD sets as the best for gaming so was looking at the Samsung UE55D8000 as its LCD with led backlighting, 3D & good spec.
But reading some posts here i see people talking of lag problems with the set & response times of 60-100ms, now im a bit confused because my old set has a response time of 2.5ms & i thought most lcd sets were 5 to 8ms response time, so *** is going on?
So is an LDC set better than a plasma for gaming or the other way round? I understand that plasma sets still have the problem of sceen burn.


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I prefer LCD for gaming as Plasma adds an awful double image ghosting effect when panning in games, it really put me off. LCD's just blur when panning which looks far better in my opinion. As for response times they vary on TV's because of the extra bits that go on in the background that can't always be turned off, such as noise reduction, motion assistance etc. Some TV's deal with it better than others.

To be honest I haven't noticed any response problems on my new Sony 40HX723, despite it having a response time of at least 30ms


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Only way I notice the double imaging is if I spin the camera and I dont find doing that works too well in BF3:p Id rather retain detail in motion and have the odd bit of double image that I dont in all honesty notice, rather than have motion blur.
30ms of lag is meant to be the point most wont notice any difference, I myself notice down to 20ms, but to be honest its a tiny difference.

Best thing to do is go demo with your fav games.:)

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