response times, 8ms and 12ms, can you notice the difference?


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I found this TV that I think will be great for me, the specs look great but the response time will be only 12ms. I had a technosonic before and I have no idea what was the response time on that TV, but for NTL and my pc via VGA and HDMI the TV was very good. Is there a big difference between 8ms and 12ms? Can you really notice it? I’m only going to spend £400 on a TV so I’m not sure what to do, I was quite happy with the techno but as I had to take it back I was going to try something different.
I’ve seen many different TV, Technosonic, Teco, Viewpia, but still not sure what to do.



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all depends on what size the screen is and what make the tv is and what panels are used in the tv.

you probably wouldnt notice that much difference between 12ms-16ms on say a 23" tv but it may be more noticable on a 42" screen.


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It really depends on what you plane to do with the LCD. If just watching TV then Id doubt you'd really notice mouch difference in response times from 12 ms or below, the displays own processing tends to have more of an effect. However if you're a big gamer then by judging by what others have posted then the faster the response time the better. Also be aware its a bit like contrast ratios in that every manufacturer has their own way of calculating the figure.


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I think this tv has LG panels and it's a 32" TV, the only games on it wil be from the pc.

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