Resonating Floor?


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I have been having issues with bass in my room sounding "loose" and "bloated".

My initial thoughts were sound being reflected of the walls surounding the speakers, but having pretty much filled the surrounding area with foam and moving speakers around with little effect, this is apparently not the problem.

What I think is the problem is the floor reverberating.

What solutions are there to this?

My first guess would be to try and isolate the speakers from the floor. Then if that does not work try to add some bracing or mass to the floor itself.

The floor is a suspended wooden floor and there is a 2 foot void below so I can get access to the underneath.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Have look at this article, it may help you investigate.

My front speakers used to vibrate stuff in my room so I placed them on 1" high density foam topped with a Tesco granite chopping board. My sub used to sound quite boomy (my wooden floor is above a cellar) so I placed it on 6" of high density foam (the type used in high end photography cases, not the soft stuff) and it helped no end.

Another approach is to build these to place your speakers on
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