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Hi All

Im in need of some help!!!!

I am running a PC with a GeForce FX5900 Ultra Graphics card and using power strip to manage this. I use my Pc to run a home cinema set up and the projector i have gives out a native 1280 x 720 Resolution...

I cannot get the PC to accept this resolution, i try in power strip to set a custom resolution and all that happens is the screen goes black for a few seconds and then the screen becomes very large and distorted!

Is there a setting i need to adjust or is it not possible for this resolution?




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You shouldn't need powerstrip for nvidia cards, you can make custom resolutions/refresh rates in the nvidia control panel - try it without powerstrip.


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It sounds as though the graphics card/windows has accepted the resolution, but the projector is not able to display it properly (if the card hadn't accepted it, the display would have reverted back to the original resolution). I suggest you verify your powerstrip timings - using the settings that someone else has used successfully for 720p, and make sure that the refresh rate is 60hz. Also verify that the projector supports 720p at 60Hz. Also how are you connecting the projector to the PC - VGA, Components, HDMI? It may be that the projector only supports certain resolutions on specific inputs. Does it have an "HD" input - RGBHV? Are you using a VGA to RGBHV cable?
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