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Hi There,

As a keen digital photographer, I am looking to purchase a plasma TV to show friends/family/clients my work.

I have never had any experience with plasma TV so please bear with me :)

Ok, just a couple of questions....

Firstly, does resolution really matter as much as it does with the plasma TV as it does with a monitor. I have currently seen a lot of 858x458 (ish) 1024x1024 42" plasma, and several 37" at 1280x800 for example. Now is it best to go for the smaller TV and get the higher resultion, or would it not be that noticably and best to get the larger. (Larger would be better for me, but as its just in a small lounge, not ultimately imperative)

2nd, how do the plasma tv's with a native resoltion of 1024x1024 still have a widescreen aspect ratio? and can I simply plug in a laptop and set the resoltion to match the plasma and hey presto?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Scott Wright


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I am into digital pics in a big way, I have aa pany pw6, I have found the pics look stunning at low res and very high res when viewed on this panel connected to my pc.

Hope this helps


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Personally I would go for a higher resolution panel else you might start losing definition in the digital pictures you have taken. Family and Friends might not be able to see it, but your a keen digital photographer with an 5MB+ camera, then you would see the difference.

A lot of Plasmas have either a VGA or DVI conenction so connecting a laptop should be simple enough. Only thing is, you might have to use a utility (Powerstrip) to output the same resolution as the native resolution of the screen if the graphics card does not support it. Else pictures would not be full screen.

I would go to an AV specialist with tvs on show with your laptop and take a look at the pictures yourself. Check the low res, hi res, large and small plasmas and see which is the best.

On another tangent, have you thought of LCD screens ? More expensive than Plasmas but if you decide to go at a higher res, there are more screens to choose from. Plenty of 32" and 37" panels which are HDTV ready. There are more 45"+ tvs coming out, but these break the bank at £4.5k.....ouch !



Scooter, if you want a smaller size I would recommend LCD for PC connections. Something like a sharp 37" monitor has 1366/768 resolution, has lots of useful video inputs, will be a TV with the addition of any digital set top box, and supports native 16:9 over DVI or VGA. Only 50" plasmas and the low res SD plasmas can do this, all others will sufffer aspect ratio distortion, making all your subjects look like the 'befores' of Vanessa Feltz. Not flattering.


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There are a number of factors to consider:

1) Viewing distance. How far you are from the screen will determine how much detail you can resolve but in general a higher rez screen will definitely be better for viewing digital images. A good link is:

2) Cost. If the plasma is just to display some of your work then you could get a lot of poster size prints for far far less than the cost of a plasma and you could take the samples with you. ;) ( is an awesome site btw)

3) Aspect ratio. Your photos are exteremely unlikely to be the same aspect ratio as your plasma, so on a 16:9 scrceen your photos will either be:
- Stretched (with resultant distortion)
- Zoomed (with resultant loss of image)
- Displayed in full with black borders to the left and right, similar to a 4:3 TV picture

4) Calibration. You will need to calibrate your screen to some degree and if used primarily for digital photos then you may be better using something like as DVE etc. will be influenced by the dvd software.

5) If you really want to show your photos on a screen and to the best capability, you don't want to use a monitor and styling/space is not an issue then a decent CRT will do a better job.

6) You will probably want to use sRGB for the photo format if you have the option.



A true 16:9 panel displaying a PC picture at native res will simply be a wide windows (or mac) desktop, I use a widescreen laptop every day. Just like any application a photo will display in it's true shape, leaving some desktop or application area unused. This of course does not apply to the card reading slots available on some displays. But I'd assume you'd want more control if showing clients, rather than a 'plug and pray' situation.


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MAW said:
A true 16:9 panel displaying a PC picture at native res will simply be a wide windows (or mac) desktop, I use a widescreen laptop every day.
Inspiron by any chance? :) (I have an 8500 with 1920x1200 widescreen, it is a VERY nice scrceen).

Anyway that is pretty much what I was trying to say.. you either view the photos in their native aspect ratio with the resultant unused areas on screen or zoom/stretch/crop.

If going for a smaller screen size and used primarily for photos I would be inclined to go LCD as you don't have motion/burn issues and tend to get higher native resolutions.

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