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Being a HTPC newbie and after confusing myself completely by reading the info posted across this forum, I was hoping someone can answer me this.

My Plasma is a Fujitsu PDS 4229 which (according to THIS LINK) has a native resolution of 852 x 480.

AFAIK a DVD has a resolution of 720 x 480 (NTSC). Presumeably, I will need to set my desktop resolution to be as near to 720 x 480 (or the source) as possible, in my case this would be 800 x 600. Until recently, I used a desktop resolution of 1024 x 768.

Can someone explain if my thinking is right here, Im after the truest possible display. Also, is matching the resolution the same as 1:1 pixel mapping I hear people talking about here?

My Setup is...

Radeon 9600pro
P4 2.6GHz
512 DDR Ram
connected to a 42" Fujitsu Plasma via VGA

Theatertek DVD software
Powerstrip (default settings)
DVD Region Free


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1:1 mapping means you match the resolution and sometimes the refresh rate to the panel in the display. In your case thats 852x480 ( although you may find the neraest you can get is 856x480). I'm not sure about the fujitsus but a lot of the other plasmas ( and quite a few digital projectors) refresh the panel at 60Hz regardless of what you feed them.

Although this isn't the same resolution as the source ( you could argue it is in fact a match to 16x9 NTSC though).

1:1 mapping is normally the prefered way of feeding most digital panels although there are one or two exceptions.


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Ive changed the resolution to 856 x 480 as mentioned, yet theres still a (roughly) 2 inch border around the desktop.

This also results in a bordered DVD window when using Theatertek and Letterbox option.

I have also set it to 848 x 480 and have the same border. If anyone can help me optimize my screen Id appreciate it, the manual I have is very little help.

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