resolution help please


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total newb question about my X box 360

I have a Sony W2000, which is 1080p, I have the X box connected by VGA. I know I can get 1080p on it ... but HOW?

only got is on 1360x780 or something at the mo.. not even set any i or p or anything, help


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have you gone to the display settings menu on the xbox console settings page (keep pressing right on the xbox startup page until you get to the last page) and set the display to 1080p?


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1920x1080 = 1080p

(all those resolutions are P (rogressive) and not i (nterlaced) btw

You need to update your xbox console if 1920x1080 is not listed


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thanks guys. got it sorted with the update.

It says unsupported signal on my tv but works fine.

this wont damage the tv will it?

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