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    If I film using the Sony TRV828 with the megapixel 1070 k CCD and so it claims 520 lines res, and I play back the tape through a cheaper D8 machine, will the improvement in resolution show on the playback in the cheaper machine which has a smaller CCD?
    The cheaper machine claims 500 lines, while the 828 says 520 so will the cheaper machine play back 520 lines or would it just show 500 lines.

    Just a question, shooting some stuff on a friends 828, beautiful video images, noticeably better than my budget D8, but I just want to know if the added res will show up at home when I view the same tape on TV played back in my machine. Would the playback electronics be the same in both machines?
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    The 1070k CCD would be used for high res stills.

    The cheaper machine will play back it's 500 line spec.

    I wouldn't have thought you would notice any difference in resolution between digital cams,as they are all around 500 lines.

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