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Resident Evil - not unlike Die Hard - is one of those film franchises that just won't die. For good or for bad, and recently it's mostly been bad, they just keep releasing new films. It doesn't matter how tired the lead actors are; how poor the supporting ones are; how clunky or cliched the dialogue is, or how anorexic the story is. It doesn't matter if the CG blood effects are just laughable, or if the end result amounts to little more than a string of generic and somewhat monotonous action sequences that barely distinguish one instalment from the last. It doesn't matter if the critical acclaim is non-existent and the audience rating is shockingly low, why should the production companies learn from their 'mistakes'? - so long as these films keep raking in hundreds of millions of dollars at the Box Office, they're not going to change a damn...

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Nice review again Cas. I finally got around to watching this last night and have to agree with Cas that both the PQ and SQ was spot on. One thing I did notice (for me anyway) was the opening shots which were clips form the last film looked a lot better in 3D than the shots in the rest of the film. Now you've said they used different cameras may be that explains it? Anyway a jolly good romp with plenty of action (I was a nervous wreck for the first 5 mins :eek:), yes the plots at little weak but I love these films.


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I love this goofy movie. It's the weakest of the RE flicks in terms of story, but in a strange way that makes it a more enjoyable ride because the film doesn't tie itself in knots. It's simple brain dead fun, and the AV quality of the Blu-ray is utterly superb, as Cas rightly asserts.


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Geoff_D said:
the AV quality of the Blu-ray is utterly superb, as Cas rightly asserts.

Completely agree. Much like the previous film, the 3D is staggeringly good.

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