Resident Evil: Raccoon City - why do they keep going back?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, but it rings true to me.

Capcom always goes back to Raccoon City and the year 1998. It's done and dusted to me. It's really about time they focused on new ideas, as opposed to constantly revisiting that era. And by "new ideas" for the series, I don't especially mean they should involve the likes of werewolves, vampiric women, living dolls, and The Hills Have Eyes rejects.

In the storyline in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the government sends a missile into the region, which obliterated the entire city. But then over the next two decades, Capcom has consistently went back to 1998 for multiple mediums. The results, sad to say, haven't always been great.

They released a movie reboot last year, and it was modest. Strictly so-so, and not much else. Because while I thought the CG was very good, the choice of casting left way too much to be desired. You know?

Of all the spin off games they've made featuring Raccoon City, about the only good ones were the Outbreak games. Although one of them is more like an expansion than a sequel. But whatever. Those were an interesting take on what occurred. And people say the Revelations games are supposed to be just side stories. So yeah. There's those as well. But if you take into account the games we've had since 2007 up to now, most of them have been epic failures. But they redeemed themselves with the RE2 remake, even though I'm personally not a fan of that game.

However, everything else has been trash. I even dislike those two remakes. They didn't even remake the original games properly. They overhauled the entire story, gameplay, enemies and more, to the point where they were unrecognisable.

There's even a new Netflix series arriving this July. And Wesker is now African American. Seriously...

I honestly think Capcom needs to leave 1998 alone. In fact, I think the RE4 remake is probably going to be dog poop anyway. They know if they remake it, everybody and their grandmother will be excited for it. But to be honest, I never found the original RE4 to be as amazing as most people make it out to be. That was the game that sent the survival horror genre packing. It took ages for any company to get back to basics, because everything was either a shooter or a walking simulator.

You spend way too much of the game just shooting farmers, and the control system is your biggest opponent, really. It's terribly hard to get to grips with it, when The Last of Us feels so smooth.

Plus, the story in RE4 has little correlation to past entries. Even RE5 did a better job of bringing up Umbrella and the guy who founded the company, who is then slain by Wesker, who is revealed to be part of a super breed of humans that Spencer wanted to control (as his children, or something). Yet for some reason, everybody criticized that do-bro, non horror game, when it's silly to bash a game that has the same gameplay as RE4 regardless.


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There's a live action series coming to Netflix...


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Which is based in Racoon City pre 98/post 98 (two timelines) iirc 😂

The fact it’s about Weskers kids rings alarm bells.
I'll be honest, my only experience with the game is the 30 minutes I played on the original PS1, kept dying at one point, so swapped it with a mate for Gran Turismo. I also haven't watch the animated ones, so my only real exposure is the live action films.

I really should give them another try at some point.
I think the writing for these games has ended up ass.

Ethan Winters is never shown in full, which is stupid. We seen Ark Thompson in full. But they want to keep hiding Ethan's face. And he may not even be dead. Just watch the epilogue.

I feel like Chris is only in 7 and 8 because Capcom needed to have one of the main heroes back, to help to sell the game. But if you think about it, he doesn't do much of anything. They also talked about bringing back Ada, which would have probably made even less sense, so they chose to leave her out. Unless she ends up showing up in the DLC. But again, how would it add up? It's a cut and paste job of RE4 already.

I know people are so nostalgia driven. But in all the time they waste money doing remakes, that's a new game we could have gotten instead. These remakes aren't even done correctly anyway. They ruined the story in RE2 by removing most of what was in the original. Yet nobody talks about that. But they'll happily bash RE3.

It makes no sense. They both have their issues.
Maybe I do, but I like to keep it real. ;)

They do copy other games and movies, though.

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, they copied the Bloater battle in The Last of Us, the winter section, the dam section, the enemies, the work bench, and the ability to see enemies through the walls.

They also ripped off P.T. as well.


You gotta love this! :D


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