Resident Evil GC


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Whats the cheapest place to get this title (UK version)? It's out on Friday and I definitely want it, just dont want to pay the earth for it :)

I have it on pre-order at Play for £34.99 (or is it 32?) has anyone had theirs sent out from Play yet?

I'm going to my local Game, got a £5 off voucher from CVG, so £34.99, not bad to get it on day of release for that.


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Originally posted by paulw77
Resident Evil is £44.99 in Game, so still £40 even with a voucher.


I know, i've just been round the town, bought 'cube' magazine which also has the £5 voucher in, then popped into Game. Fell on the floor and ran out!

Should have pre-ordered it from Play!!!

Ho hum:(

Just ordered from, it's out of stock already!!! I had this on pre-order a month ago, but I cancelled for Game!!! Looks like no Resi for the weekend!


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I shall be trawling the shops on Friday, there was another shop in the town selling it for £39.99 but that hurts me a little to pay that much!

Have you tried any other web sites yet UFO?

Yeh, Play is the cheapest because you don't get charged postage, most other places do! Should receive it by mid next week! I hope?!!

Guest £35 and 95% of the time you get it day of release saturday would be the latest you get it.

I brought star wars for £25 from pc world if i go into game and say i got this as a present but i have the game already will they change it


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Guys, you absolutely must make sure you enable your Cubes to play US games. I know it doesn't help you right now, but I paid £28 for Resident Evil, including shipping from DVD Box Office. The current selling price from Box Office is under £25. Resident Evil 0 is due on 29th October and at current rates will be £28.69.

For the record, it is worth £44.99 anyway.


My Resi is being shipped at the moment from simplygames!! Looks like I should get it by saturday!! Oh yeh, bit of advice from NGC mag, type C control is the best!!

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