Resident Evil: Damnation Blu-ray Review

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With the release of the fifth film in the series any day now, Retribution, it seems that the Resident Evil series – much like the zombies it follows – just don’t want to die. Against all odds, and in spite of middling-to-poor critical reviews for every single one of the sequels, they just keep getting made. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they seem to make more and more money every time a new one gets released. The first three films steadily pulled in approximately three times their budget – which also steadily increased – and the fourth and now fifth have seen a massive boost which one can only assume is in a large part thanks to the enhanced fee attached to the 3D element. With talk of a sixth and possibly final...

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if you like resident evil this is a good watch starts of a bit slow but very enjoyble :D
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