Resident Evil 4 GC Screens: 4 Real?

theres a trailer around somewhere too
They don't work for me either :( i've heard that the game is looking amazing though!
There will be a movie on the offical website sometime. Next week or two. Links were taken down because an american mag got the exclusive for Resident Evil 4 and Killer7.

Looks very nice doesnt it. Abit of lord of the rings in there :laugh: Good to see they have made it fresh.
It certainly does look good! I feel a Gamecube purchase coming on!!
can't fault the gamecube!

It can do a lot for such a little cube.

They'll probably bundle it with the gc for £70 as the ps2 and xbox are coming down to £100 soon, or so i've heard! :smashin:
ah well then it's got to be time to get all 3 consoles if that's the case. I must say i've been on the brink of buying a cube for a while now as there are quite a few very good exclusive games on it....Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero, SMB, Rogue Squadron, MKDD, SMS, etc etc. Res Evil 4 also looks amazing and I must admit i've always been a big Ninty fan so it's very odd that I have yet to invest!
From WH Smith

PlayStation 2 Console: PlayStation 2
Price: £99.99
multimedia : 1 January 2000


Surely a mistake...or are they trying to flog their (basically) launch machines, which will be faulty within 6 months?:rolleyes:
lol, ah i had many probs with ma intial PS2, only when it was modded (chip was'nt doing all games), but everything fine now - btw ppl, hoover/vacuum ur consoles ones in a while (ventilation holes) - might sound funny but it sucks up the dirt which has been accumlated during its time and hey its healthy again! lol :p

This can apply to eternal modems/devices/PC Desktop cases too! :p
It can't be healthy to expose fragile electronic parts to a vacuum.
lol yes that does sound a rather intense way of removing dust from a console. I'm sure it will remove the dust OK but it could also remove or dislodge components or wires, or even damage your cooling fan. I personally wouldn't have thought that a vacuum cleaner would be the recommended method of cleaning a console.

lol if this was the US, you'd probably have several hundred law suits on your hands already from people who had followed this highly technical piece of advice.:confused:
Heeheh well you can adjust the power of the vacuum i use the extended tube and adjust it to medium suction (exposing the hole) - well works for me :p

Yes maybe i should of added "*": *I taketh no responsibilty for your actions :p heheh
the exciting thing with this game though is that the graphic quality seems to be maintained during cut scenes and in game as some of the shots clearly show a "power/health meter".
Originally posted by James45
the majority of those shots will be be cut scene graphics

Almost all of those shots are in-game. The shots with Leon's head on the left of the screen are certainly in-game as that's the camera angle for this game (there is a choice of two angles, btw)
believe it or not the dreamcast manual "recommended" you vacuum the fan out-take once in a while to remove dust and dirt :eek:
My manual doesn't, maybe it was removed from later manuals after someone sued them for trashing their console lol

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