Resident Evil 3 Review and Comments


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Resident Evil is my favourite series of games. I didn’t like the third one though so for me this sounds good. Regarding the length of the game, remember when you could do the original Resident Evil in under 3 hours and get a bonus.


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Really good whilst it lasts, but it felt rushed to me. It's a shame as it could have been far better if they had taken more time.


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The original blew my mind back in the 90's and has been my favourite gaming series ever since. Loved RE2 last year and this is just as good.


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Took me 1 hour 20 mins to do the no healing run on assisted mode.

Probably around 15-20 hours in total to get the platinum trophy.

Enjoyed every moment of it though - I would definitely recommend it.


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Is the game really that short? I don't play horror games, but I like watching them very much!
not really. MY first playthrough was 10:45 and I rushed the end to finish it. I did not ulocked everything and I was going forward all the time, no stuck anywere. Than game reward andmotivate you to go for another playthrough. It is app 30 hrs from SP you will get. 9.5/10 from myself


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I really want to play these games but I'm such a wuss.

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My advice would be to wait until it drops lower than 20 bucks then it will be worth it.As it is now at the price is a rip off.The game feels like a demo at the length it goes for.No excuses for not given the paying public a game worthy of at least 48 hours play for the price.

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