Resetting to factory spec - Humax DTRT2100 Freeview/BT You View box - Query


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Can anyone help me with this question?

I have a Humax DTRT2100 combined FreeView and BTYouView box. I've used it in plain Freeview mode with no internet connection for several years. Recently with improved internet at home I decided to connect it up to see what BT You View had to offer. When connected and re-booted I found that there was a different 'Skin' once connected with BT You View. Since then I've found I'm not using BT YouView much after all ,and as the box's overall response time seems slower when BT You View is operating I'd like to stop it connecting to You View.

This is where my problem starts - I thought that if i did a 'Restore to Factory Settings' with the box disconnected from the internet it would go back to the old 'FreeView' only style, and BT You View would no longer be active. However when I tried it, I couldn't complete the 'Restore to Factory Settings' without being connected to the internet - it stopped and I couldn't bypass the prompts to connect to the internet. So I had to re-connect to the internet, and by doing that it reset but with YouView active once again.

So it appears that I can't go back to the 'FreeView' only style once I've activated BT You View, but I'm wondering if it's still possible.

Does anyone know how I can do this i.e. reset the box to 'Freeview' only with the BT You View part inactive, as I had it previously.

Many thanks if you can help.


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There are a couple of different points here.

Firstly, I don't think the BT part is "activated" as such, however now it's been connected to the internet it's had an opportunity to update the software to the latest version, so you will have noticed some changes such as the menu layout - and yes as you have noticed this kills the performance considerably. Unfortunately, there is no way to revert to the older version (many of us would love to). The factory reset simply resets to default settings etc as if it were a new box, but crucially, with the current software, it does not go back to when the box itself was new.

The second issue - the BT "skin" I understand is activated when it connects to a BT broad band, but does not affect the functionality at all - it is just a colour scheme and the BT branding instead of Youview.

Presumably the factory reset would remove this branding back to YouView default however as you have seen, with more recent software the box somewhat shortsightedly requires internet access to complete the set up and hence it will pick up the BT branding again.


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Many thanks to CatsWithThumbs (who looks remarkably like my cat!) - sounds as though I'm stuck with it unless a work around is known. Woe is me :(

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