Reservoir Dogs (Mr. Brown 10th Anniversary Special Edition) - From Play


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Feb 23, 2002
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Something different to the 6+ threads on Monsters Inc.

Has anyone ordered the above title and recieved it?? Play are still awaiting stock, and according to another forum, there is a shortage of the disc in the States / Canada. I thinks it because in the box set that has all the different covers - Mr Brown is not included for some reason, dont know why.

So let me know


I'm still waiting for mine which I pre-ordered from CD-WOW.

CD-WOW told me that they received a shortfall in their stock delivery and are waiting for further copies. They couldn't give me an estimated date though.

I read on another forum that some people have received their Mr Browns (including from CD-WOW), so I guess they must've pre-ordered them a long time in advance.
I too am still waiting for mine from CD-Wow but admittedly, i left it late before ordering.So i guess it's a patient wait for it to land on the doormat....
I have had Mr Pink for over three weeks now :D :D

I thought that the transfer wasn't very good so will be selling it and buying Mr Blonde instead.
thought that the transfer wasn't very good so will be selling it and buying Mr Blonde instead
The transfer is the same on all the versions. It is just the covers that are different.

My Mr White Edition from arrived 2-3 weeks ago. I pre-ordered about a month before release.


I said a few weeks back that the less Mr Brown covers was going
to be released ,

I'am also waiting for mine from CD-Wow ,

Lets hope we rec them sooooon

There were going to be less Mr Brown than the other covers. However have never seen a number published of how many. Had seen rumours saying as low as 10,000
Given Play's Akira problem (with lack of the metal tin version), would not hold out much hope may be better to try elsewhere.
Got mine ages ago from Movietyme.
I have faith in Play - I had ordered the Akira Tin from them - and didn't get one from the first batch. But after 2 weeks a nice heavy jiffy bag thuded on my mat. :D Its annoying i know but Im gona wait and see.

I just checked CD-WOW and they have changed the description for Mr Brown - it is now described as the Limited US Version

It has a reported despatch date of 12 September so I shouldn't have to wait too long for mine :)

Probably the delay with Play is also caused by a need to source it from the US rather than Canada...
Should be the same for me as I also ordered from CD-WOW

Lets just wait and see , Hope rec rec soooon ,

Well recieved my replacement Jakie Brown DVD today - and guess what... Its going back :mad: (was going to to say something else)

Even worse than the first copy. Outer packaging all torn and crumpled. Disc insert lose. Disc one all scratched. Dics two cracked :mad:

Well as you can imagine i was not bessed pleased, but not to suprised either. Ahs gone back to play and am getting a refund. Should be getting pulp fiction tomorrow, which i expect will be going back also.

Looks like Im going to be getting the region 2 versions of the films. First time in over two years ill be buying region 2. :rolleyes:


Why don't you get a refund from Play and order it from CD-WOW? It's cheaper anyway. Mine arrived fine. Only my Pulp Fiction was damaged and the replacement arrived in perfect condition.

Those jiffy bags that Play use are just no good for the soft packaging on PF and JB.

Also, remember that R2 of PF is highly likely to be censored.
Well Pulp Fiction arrived today.... In mint condition. thanks to Play wrapping the dvd in bubble wrap, and then the Jiffy bag.

Top marks :D


D'oh have just realised this has been posted in the wronge thread. Sorry guys.:eek:

Email from CD-WOW Regarding Mr Brown Dvd

This is what it said :

Unfortunately our suppliers have been experiencing a slight delay in stocking this title . However please rest assure that this dvd will be released and dispatched on the 16th of september

Lets just wait and see ? ?


P/s Anyone rec'd there Mr Brown from CDC-Wow
My Mr Brown has been despatched this afternoon from CD-WOW. Hooray! :D US R1 too - will be my very first US disk :rolleyes: and I'm gonna miss the French writing on the cover :(
I nearly dispatched Mr. Brown into my underwear earlier this afternoon while caught short walking the dog. I hope your DVD will be more enjoyable.;)
Originally posted by kevb
I nearly dispatched Mr. Brown into my underwear earlier this afternoon while caught short walking the dog. I hope your DVD will be more enjoyable.;)
If it isn't, it'll be sh*t.
My Mr Brown from CD-WOW has also been sent of on the
14/9 Yeh Ha ,

Should rec tuesday Loooking Goood

Hi to all

Just taken delivery of my Mr Brown dvd from CD-WOW and it's
loooooking good ,
One thing is it has a outer cardboard case with a good old hard
plastic duel case , So disc's all intact and no flattened cardboard

Could anyone tell me that mr Mr Brown is the Us one and my copys of Pulp & Jackie are from Canada why are the cases not the same , as like said before in this thread the Canada cases are S***T ,

:D :p :D
We Can Rebuild Him Yeh For Six Million Dollers
I got mine from CD-WOW today as well :) Yes it's the US release. But Reservoir Dogs has a completely different type of case because it is distributed by Artisan whereas PD and JB are distributed by Alliance Atlantis.

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