Resell value on Sony KDL40W 4000


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Apologies if this is the wrong sub forum but I couldnt see a clear place to get this advice!

I bought my Sony KDL40W 4000 back in 2008 from John Lewis (5 year warranty) and was wondering what its resell value might be?

Is in top condition no scratches, dings or dents and from a smoke free home.

Just got some John Lewis vouchers from work as a bonus and JL are stocking the Panasonic 50VT I have been lusting after.




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Bumping this old message as the 50VT's are really coming down in price. Could anyone offer me a rough idea?

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Hard to tell... possibly around 400? Maybe have a look about and see what others are selling them for.
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I work in a shop like Cash Converters in the North West, and to be honest, a TV like that, I would offer around £120-150 depending on condition etc.

I would normally stick the TV itself up for around £275, but would take offers on it. Also we do offer a 90 day warranty, so it depends what you want really. If you don't want to offer a warranty, I would say around 180-220 is fair

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