Requirements for Sky+ on New Apartment Block


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Hi, Noob looking for some assistance :lease:

I've just reserved a new flat that will not be finished until End Q1 2006.

In the spec they mention that the appartments will be "Wired for terrestrial TV and connected to a Digital Satellite system (subject to usual rental agreements)."

I believe this is to be through a communal Dish.

Obviously I'd like to ensure that they will include all the required hardware and cabling to let me get Sky+ and Sky HD when available.

What Technical terms should I passing to the builders to ensure I'm not left with some half baked solution?

Thanks folks.


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Make sure you are getting two independent feeds from the communal system, while SKY+ and SKY+ HD can work with one feed you lose so much that it really isn't worth the cost.

I would also confirm that the terrestrial feed is being fed froman aerial capable of receiving all 6 DTT muxes (if available in your area) just to future proof yourself.


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Thanks I'll mail the builders today. :thumbsup:

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