Require urgent advice!!


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My 32" CRT flatscreen Toshiba has gone kaput in that it flickers a lot. To fix it will cost £100 (if it doesn't fix they'll give money back).

Do you think it's worth paying to fix it or getting another one off of E-Bay? I mean do you think £100 is too much to fix a TV? The screen flickers a lot and the guy said it's something to do with the power.

I don't want to get an LCD/Plasma/DLP Projector just yet. I'm biding my time for that.

Anyway, I have about 24 hours to make a decision because everybody here is getting restless without our biggest TV.


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You need to report back with the model no (taken from the rear label on the set) if you want a meaningful reply.


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oh you know what I forgot the model number all these years (remote's and manual's gone missing) but I did wonder how else I could find out the model number. Anyway I'm checking the back of the TV now and it is a Toshiba 32zp38b

I just found an interesting review on where someone is having the same problem as me:

Purchased TV 22 months ago screen started to shake go fuzzy and the suddenly loose picture with multcoloured lines.

Toshiba did not want to help as outside warranty period of one year.

Called the local TV engineer on Toshiba approved list and he stated that it was caused by a faulty DFS module, a problem that he has previously encounted and the part was generally in stock at his company.

The cost of replacing this part is likely to be in the region of £200 for a TV that is less than 2 years old.

I am not happy that this relatively new TV required expensive repairs in such a short life.

The on/off switch is installed using a plastic fixing and this broke.
I would suggest that such a well used switch should have a more robust fixing system.

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