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Requesting some advise on what’s the best connection for a Sony HDTV and HD Projector to Onkyo Tx-NR828.
Currently I have the following connections:

1- Using HDMI splitter, I connected both TV and Projector HDMI cables. On TV, from ARC and then the output from HDMI splitter to AVR ARC.

2- I used an HDMI switcher for Apple TV and Blu-ray player. The switcher output goes to BD HDMI input of AVR.

3- HDMI CEC is on in AVR and TV as well. Projector no ARC feature

4- I also have analog audio connection for my Karaoke mixer connected to Zone 2 speakers of AVR.

playing and hearing sound from TV in AVR without issues when selecting TV in AVR.

my only concern is when using projector, there is no sound when I play movies/etc. using projector. Also, I can only hear sound from Zone 2 using BLU-RAY but not from other connected devices.

kindly advise.
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As you have an TX-NR828, it has dual HDMI output. This means that you should plug everything into the Onkyo AVR and then if you TV is the main output, then send one HDMI cable to it from that output and then use the sub output to the projector

To ensure you don't have any issues, it always recommended to switch the CEC options off as those older products you own could create more headaches that you could think of like powering items off when your watching something on the other device

If your karaoke has both analogue and video composite, then you can upsample the video signal to HDMI meaning you can use either of the display devices via the Onkyo.

This will only work if everything is in the same room. If you are however using multiple zones, then this option will not work.

Please consult the manual to see if using both HDMI outputs on the AVR is the right way for you

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