Request to all NEC HT1000 owners

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Peter Parker, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Yes I have image problems via RGB Scart

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    A request to all you HT1000 owners out there - can you try your standalone DVD player via RGB Scart input and see if you get any interference/image issues for me please.

    When I got mine, I tried all inputs, and the scart RGB from my aging Samsung 709 produced some kind of interference - the image faded in and out occasionaly, and had some dark lines appear across it now and then.

    I asked my dealer to try it, and he had the same result via a Pioneer (656 I think), except when he tried a non macrovision disk. I tried Avia and realised it didn't do it there. Spider-Man, Blade II and the Matrix all do it to varying degrees.

    I spoke with NEC Uk today after someone else over on avsforum mentioned it again recently. The NEC tech said he'd not heard of the problem, and that their HT1000 was fine via RGB scart from the Pioneer player they used with it (A 737 I think he said).

    Tonight I tried my Alba DVD 108, and didn't get any interference at all, which makes me think it might be some kind of player/HT1000 mismatch or something.

    Those with HT1000s can you say what player you use, and whether or not you get any picture flicker/fading.

    The NEC tech guy seemed interested in the problem, and visited both this forum and avsforum to try and get a better idea of the fault. He also suggested that I bring my pj in to be checked and replaced as necessary. I may just do that if this is a problem that can be fixed, and if someone can demonstarte the problem, it'll be a first step towards it being resolved.

    I wonder if the HT1100 will have the same issues..



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