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Request for sky code (yet another)


Standard Member
Does anyone know the code for a Denon DHT-FS5 amp?
I have a rev. 8 remote and have tried 0032 and 1388 but neither work.

Any help gratefully received.


Standard Member
Just tried that and i didn't get the blink upon entry, so am assuming it's not a valid code on revision 8 of sky remote. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Novice Member
The following codes may also work:
Denon 0032 0300 0301

Basically Sky+ remotes are produced by the same company that make One 4 All remotes. The Sky+ codes are just the same as the One 4 All ones, just with 28 added.

Here's one list of One 4 All codes which include the 3 I listed above 0004+28=0032, 0272+28=0300 and 0273+28=0301.

Sky periodically add or remove codes from the remote, so it may be worth trying older newer remote models (for example at a friends).


Standard Member
Tried these on a revision 8 and a revision 4 remote but no joy. I suspect the amp is too new (it only came out last year) and Denon have changed the IR pattern.

Oh well, thanks for the response, it's appreciated.

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