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Request for Advice

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Rahmorak, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Rahmorak


    Nov 30, 2004
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    Lake District

    I have a limited budget of about 3k and am looking to upgrade my existing Home Cinema setup.

    Current Setup:
    Denon AVR-3200
    Pioneer DV-505 (US version as no UK model at the time)
    Sony kLV-37W1 Rear Projection.

    Some old stuff as you can see, desperately in need of an upgrade except maybe the amp (I will be sticking with 5.1 for the medium term). As such I am in the Market for a Flat Panel and after bouncing all over the place I think I am settling on one of the following:

    Panasonic 37/42PW7
    Panasonic 37/42PWD7
    Panasonic 42PHD7
    Sony KDL-L32MRX1 (a tad small for 10ft viewing?)
    Note: Originally I would have liked an external media center (and hence was looking at 42PD5300), but I figure a decent amp may suffice depending on the screen.

    Of the above I have only seen the Sony KDL and a PW6 (and also the Loewe Spheros HD). I was amazed at the images/styling from the Sony, impressed with the PW6 (but saw some bad banding in a shadow area) and not at all impressed with the Loewe (but I think the setup was bad). So of those the Sony was top but my concern was the lack of DVI and the small screen size but it does have component and an external box.

    Now, overall budget is 3k so I can look at:

    37/42PW7 + Denon 2910 + Denon AVR2805
    37/42PWD7 + ? (depends on the price of the WD)
    42PHD7 + Denon 1910 (via DVI) + Denon AVR1905
    Other ?
    Note: Ideally I want to minimise cabling

    The PHD is quite tempting but I am not really sure if the PHD is worth the trade-off in DVD player and AV amp when I am primarily using Sky+ and one of the above DVD players. Also on a styling level I prefer the silver casing although I loved the Hitachi 5300 styling so black may not be so bad.

    The local dealer who showed me the PW6 said the PHD was a bad display for Home Cinema(?) and also mentioned that Screen burn-in is a serious issue for all Plasmas (I knew it was a concern but didn't thik it was THAT big a concern). It has me worried enough that LCD does seem more tempting at the moment.

    So, if you could offer any advice at all it would be much appreciated as I can't find anywhere local so I will have to buy without seeing them. At the moment I am tempted to wait for a Sony with DVI or @37", go for the KDL-L32 or opt for a 42PW7 + the amp/dvd setup.

  2. Leigh_1973

    Active Member

    Jan 28, 2004
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    at 10ft viewing you want a 42"'er :)

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