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reprogramming Loewe Remote Controls

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by hannanp, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. hannanp


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    I noticed in another thread a link to a Loewe dealer manual. In it, it mentions that the remote controls can be reprogrammed with additional codes (see below). For example, I would love to be able to control a non-Loewe DVD and Sky+ box from my remote control (Control 10). Does anyone have a view if this is feasible and if so is it possible in the uk?

    Many thanks

    Programming Loewe Remotes With Additional Device Codes
    In addition, some customers want the Loewe remote to control a specific device (such as a DVD
    player, Satellite dish, VCR or Cable box), but the device’s codes are not included in the standard
    universal Loewe remote control programming list.
    • If you wish to program a Loewe remote with codes that are not in the standard library, the
    short-term solution is to contact Sensory Science and arrange to send us the remote. We will
    then program the codes into a standard Loewe remote control and return both remotes to you.
    You would then return the owner’s original remote.
    • Our long term plan is to supply all key dealers with a special “video box” and cable along with
    our proprietary software. The video box connects between your Windows PC and your SVGA
    monitor. Just follow the instructions provided with the box and install the supplied software. By
    exposing the Loewe remote control’s built-in sensor to the supplied infrared emitter, you can
    program the remote with any code from our extensive library of over 2000 units. If a product is
    not in our library, simply send us the remote and we will update our code library. You will also be
    able to acquire remote data codes via the Internet.
    • One of the program codes available in our library will be the “Loewe Extended Remote Code”
    set. As discussed above, a dealer with the “video box” will be able to program any Loewe remote
    with the Extended Remote Code set so you can add new codes to the system as necessary.
    • Should you have any further problems or questions regarding use of or programming Loewe
    remotes , please do not hesitate to call or send e-mail (preferred) to Sensory Science at:
    sbrown@sensoryscience.com.Programming Loewe Remotes With Additional Device Codes
  2. prycop


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    I'd like to know this to!

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