Reports link Liverpool with £500m takeover


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Liverpool are reportedly in discussions with a wealthy Middle Eastern family over a possible £500m takeover.

Reports this morning suggested the Merseyside club's American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett are in talks with the Kuwaiti Al-Kharafi family.

The Al-Kharafi family, who are led by one of the world's 50th richest men, Nasser Al-Kharafi, have a reported fortune of around £9bn.

Nasser's nephew, Rafed Al-Kharafi, is believed to be the key negotiator as the two parties try to reach an agreement which came close to happening last year.

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Mark Botwright

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So long as Hicks and Gillett sell i think most Liverpool fans will take anybody.

Personally i'd be happy if they kicked out Parry as well. :devil:


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So long as Hicks and Gillett sell i think most Liverpool fans will take anybody.

can it be worst than Hicks and Gillett? :rotfl:

If they sold to DIC in the first place, wouldn't have had any other the financial problems regarding loans and buying players


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Just read that the 350m refinance package that Gillett and Hicks arranged, is with RBS and Wachovia Bank, both of which are in trouble. The loan has been extended from this month to July 09 but with the pair of them personally guaranteeing about 90m between them, I presume this is why they're looking for a buyer....

And rumour has it that Rick Parry is not involved in any of the talks....


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We're going to get this circus about the ownership of the club going on for the next 4-5 months at least I reckon. It's never really quietened down since the americans took over. I can't see any way that the yanks will still own the club come the start of next season as neither of them will be able to get the needed funds to sort out their loan. We'll go to someone and whilst the grass isn't always greener on the other side, I do believe that theres not many out there that could do a worse job in terms of publicity and failing to keep things in house. Money wise we could find ourselves with potentially someone with a lot more money but I think the majority of that will be pushed towards getting the new stadium sorted and thus the transfer funds will be in a pretty similar situation.

For me I wouldn't mind that at all, first and foremost I want to see the club stable and then the new stadium begun, thats our long term future and is the most important part of where the money needs to be spent. After that if theres money for transfers then great, if it means selling before buying still then so be it. We have to look long term, not quick fix

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