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Report: My first attempt to build a HTPC

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by derekokeeffe, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. derekokeeffe


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    I recently finished building my first HTPC. Just thought I'd share the info.

    I bought the following components.
    Trigem Kloss bare bones case.
    3GHZ prescott
    512MB RAM (cant remember the make)
    Samsung Spinpoint HDD 120GB
    Hauppage PVR150 TV tuner card
    Aopen CD/DVD drive
    Windows media centre 2005
    Samsung 26" LCD

    Everything went together very easy. The Kloss is quiet, but not completly silent. The Samsung drive is very very quiet. There is a slight buzz from the Aopen dvd drive but its not bad. I didnt get a graphics card. I just used the onboard graphics and it works fine with MCE.I can even pick a resolution of 1368X768 to match the LCD tv (almost). I only intend to use it for TV/DVD music and photos though.

    I did have a small bit of trouble installing MCE the first time. There are 2 CD's and after CD2 it asks to insert the service pack 2 CD. At this stage, you should insert CD1. Otherwise some very stange things start happening when using windows. After a clean re-install everything was OK.

    I was able to setup the Kloss remore control using Imon to control media centre. There are a list of keyboard shortcuts on the microsoft site. Its just a matter of mapping these to the Kloss's remote buttons. The Kloss remote is pretty good and you can switch on/off the pc with it. I'm not a huge microsoft fan, and I was going to go down the Linux road but didnt have time. I have to admit that MCE is very good indeed.

    One thing with the Hauppage tv card. When watching TV the image does not stretch to fill the LCD screen, leaving 2 black borders either side of the image. This is only when watching TV. I'm connecting to the LCD via VGA and the DVD quality is amazing.

    Hope this helps anyone intending to build.
    Derek :hiya:
  2. RajP

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    Feb 5, 2005
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    If you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay for all that and where did you buy it? I am looking to build something like that.


  3. derekokeeffe


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    I bought everything from overclockers.co.uk
    They are the only ones I could find that have the Kloss.
    The whole lot cost me...about £640 about 945Euro
    Thats the first time I added it all up actually.
    I listed the prices below

    Windows MCE cost £69.95
    TV tuner cost 115Euro here in Ireland (about £75)

    (Below is the order from overclockers....
    £46.95+VAT x 1 - Samsung SpinPoint P SP1213C 120GB SATA 8MB Cache - OEM (HD-011-SA)
    £214.00+VAT x 1 - Kloss KL-l915A Barebones System - Intel P4 (FS-000-KL)
    £89.95+VAT x 1 - Intel Pentium 4 530J "LGA775 Prescott" 3.0GHz (800FSB) with HT Technology - OEM (CP-0101-IN)
    £31.95+VAT x 1 - OcUK Value 512MB (2x256MB) PC3200 184pin DDR Memory Dual Channel Kit (MY-005-OK)
    £15.40+VAT x 1 - AOpen DVD-1648 Chameleon 16x DVD-ROM inc. Ivory/Black/Silver Bezels - Retail (CD-005-AO)
    Sub-Total: £398.25
    Shipping: £22.00
    VAT: £73.55
    Total: £493.80

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