Replica Swords in CosPlay


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I was just curious what the laws were about taking a replica sword (carbon steel) as party of your costume to a costume party?


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I would imagine that if stopped by police they wouldn't be too impressed.

They can use discretion to decide whether carrying a knife etc. is appropriate (e.g. a chef going to work carrying a set of kitchen knives)

But I imagine that they would have problem with a real sword (real in that you can do harm with it) being taken to a party (presumably where there will be alcohol).




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I'm supposing the location of the cosplay plays a role...

if it's a convention ... probably more acceptable.
if it's a private do ... probably less likely to be caught
if it's round the town pubs ... probably likely to get caught


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not this one? :)


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If it's a private party and you are travelling by car and can put it in the boot then it might be OK, if it wasn't a samurai replica. I wouldn't advise it at all if going out in public... I'd imagine a taxi driver wouldn't be very happy seeing you with it unless you arranged it in advance either as samurai's are now classed as offensive weapons.

Carrying a samurai sword in a public place already carries a maximum jail sentence of four years.
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I'm wondering if this is a back to the future reference? but I still don't get it.

:) i'm Dan, not Marty.

We had an infamous sword collector as a member a few years back...

imightbewrong: they could always be classed as offensive, but have recently been added to the list of things like flick knives that you can be arrested for for having them on your person at all. Sword sticks are in the same category.

For example, it is not technically an offense to carry a broad sword in public, so long as you have a good reason to do so. But I would imagine you would need a very, very good reason :)
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Try it :) If we don't hear from you for 4 years I'll know why...



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Thanks - but that says

Doesn't mention wandering around town with one ;)

When I was 18 I bought a replica samurai sword from ebay for £80..

I got a bit...tipsy one night, and thought it a good idea to head over to a mate's house, who lived in town, with my samurai sword.

The police drove past whilst I was walking down the high street, I took the next corner on the way to my mates, stuffing the sword down my back.......

they reversed round the corner and stopped me... :)

The police officer at the car was warning his partner to stand back, but his partner came at me telling him "it's ok, he's harmless"

And said he could see i'd had a bit of pop, asked where I was going and took my details, then told me I should transport it in the boot of a vehicle when heading home.

... kids hey :) i'm 26 now.


Stop and search:

Police officers may stop you, and have the right to search any person or vehicle, if they suspect you of an offence - including carrying an offensive weapon. Weapons regarded as offensive include, but are not limited to, the following:

* flick knives
* gravity knives
* knuckle-dusters
* sword-sticks
* samurai swords...

it's a long list :) but other types of swords aren't on it.

They can decide that just about anything is being used as an offensive weapon, even a screwdriver. Eg. Chefs knives can be counted as offensive, unless you can prove you have a reason to be carrying them.

Some things are now classed as offensive automatically ie samurai swords and you would never be able to convince anyone of a reason you should have one in public.

Official historical enactments, drama productions and sporting activities may be exemptions, but I would imagine that if you are wandering around town half cut on a Saturday night* it would be difficult to prove you were on your way to one,

Edit: *as Dan found out :) If he had done that post 2008 he'd be straight down the nick...
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