Replacing VM Router - Black Friday Deals?


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Have decided to take advantage of Black Friday to try and fix the poor wifi issue most VM customers seem to experience by putting my VM hub into modem mode and purchasing a new router.

Is there a particular router I should be looking for in terms of spec/features? Is anyone aware of any good Black Friday deals on the type of router I would need currently?



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I was in the same position a while back, I got a ASUS RT-AX82U...which is great for my needs. Covers most of the house, speed is good and the features are decent. I also got an older Asus ac66u, which is mesh compatible, this allows coverage to the rest of the house. The Asus routers have AI protection which inspect traffic from your LAN and stops and suspicious activity....i'm sure other routers have similar features. Other features are gaming mode, parental controls, QOS.


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Would this fit the bill for what I am trying to achieve?

Seems to have good reviews and is nicely discounted

This is the router I recently purchased to attach to my virgin media hub.. Much much better than the virgin media one, can get a signal down the bottom of my garden now and full speed pretty much all round the house.


Would this fit the bill for what I am trying to achieve?

Seems to have good reviews and is nicely discounted

That's a good price for a half decent router, should be a nice upgrade from the VM kit.. Though I would buy it from Amazon instead (same price) for free delivery and no hassle returns (for peace of mind).


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It is unnecessary to put a router into "Modem mode" to address a Wi-FI issue. Modem mode is about something else. To stop using a router's Wi-FI, just turn off it's Wi-Fi - it's rarely more than a couple of clicks. Modem mode is not required and "turning off Wi-Fi" is not the purpose of modem mode.

Then deploy whatever "much better Wi-Fi" solution is selected downstream of the router, be that a mesh/whole home system a stand alone Access Point (AP) or a "crippled" router that's functioning as an AP.

So doing will save a whole load of hassle getting the new device to "work" with your ISP (it's simply irrelevant) and a days chaos as your internal IP addressing gets screwed up by a router change.

All Wi-Fi is facilitated by Access Points (AP's) not "routers." This is not just hair splitting over nomenclature, in the field of data networking an AP and a router are very different thing. The typical SOHO "Get-you-on-the-Internet" omni-box just happens to contain both (and a lot mode besides.) AP's get built into lots of other things such as SOHO routers.

Buying a new router to "fix" a Wi-FI problem is like buying a new car because you don't like the stereo. If the car is otherwise functioning fine as a "car," then just change the stereo is you don't like the stereo. No need to throw baby out with the bathwater.


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I have a Virgin SH3 which is terrible, bought the Asus ZenWifi AX XT8 dual pack which arrived today (£309.99 from Very). Excellent kit, doddle to set up and get full speed all around our 3 floor house from a 350mb connection on the Mac and iPad. Other devices a little less but overall seems like great kit

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