Replacing tweeters on old Panasonic 3-way speakers?


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I pulled these Panasonic CS-k531s off of Craigslist for $10 back in the day and over time they've sort of accrued a sentimental value. I mainly listen on headphones, so this pair serves as a fun, bassy stage that I listen to with friends. Not afraid to crank these up.


On both of the speakers, the high tweeter (bad terminology? I'm talking about the middle one) is torn/not working.

How hard would it be to replace this speaker driver? I'm assuming it would come down to ordering a pair online, unscrewing the mount, desoldering the old, and installing the new one. I've never done anything of this sort so if I'm overlooking something, please help me out.

What part should I be looking for online and where? How do I determine what type of tweeter I should purchase? How much should I expect to pay, and what would you say is the diminishing return on price vs. increase in audio quality for this part of a 3-way speaker?

Thanks for the help, and let me know if you'd like me to include more information about the speakers!
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I just took out the speaker driver. The impedance reads "8Ω"


I'm unfamiliar with this type of wiring -- if replacement is an option, is there a good guide online on how to take these wires off and properly solder them to a new driver? A general explanation would help as well.



There is no real wiring involved, those spade connectors just slide off and are differently sized so you cant put them on the wrong terminals.
Your issue will be finding a replacement unit, or possibly a complete replacement speaker as a donor.
If you want to keep the speakers Its for sure worth trying to find some tweeters, and as for price.. well, you paid 10$ for the I think its down to what its worth to you to pay for them.
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Ezah, thanks so much for the help!

What if I just picked out a set of 8 ohm tweeters with the same diameter from an online retailer?

I understand that the mounts won't match, but I have no problem drilling new holes in the cabinet. They could probably be covered up.

I know this will change the sound, but I mean -- considering the highs on the speakers were pretty muddy already -- I figure it would be an upgrade.

So two questions -- what is a reputable site to buy these tweeters from, and what style -- cone, dome or ribbon? EDIT: Also, what would you recommended me spending on a pair?

Thanks again for the help!
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