replacing standard Sky box with Sky+ (cabling)


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Like many others I have searched this great site for an answer but gave up after a couple of hours, maybe I need help using the search engine????

Anyway here goes with my question, I already have sky+ in my living room and standard sky as a multi room option in a bedroom. All cabling is run in the wall cavity with 2 cables from the LNB to the living room and one to the bedroom.

I have just ordered Sky HD and asked for the sky+ box to be moved to the bedroom, after ordering I realised that I now need 2 wires into the bedroom (or do I), I dont want the new wire running round the skirting so decided to run a new cable in the wall back to the dish outside. To give the connections I need. I bought a new box front (Labgear PSW351T) thinking I could put in both SAT cables and incorporate the phone line too getting rid of another box on the wall.

Anyway when I got everything together to do this I noticed there is only one connection in PSW351T for the satalite, I guess this is because it is some sort of splitter.

So here is the question, if I mount this plate on the wall in place of the old one and wire the single feed for the satalite that goes into that room now will it provide all the functionallity for the Sky+ box and not require a second feed? If this is correct will I get any loss of signal quality? Will the sky installer that is coming be happy to connect this up?

Have I missed the point compltetly? Any thoughts would be most welcome.....

Thanks a lot,

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The spec says two satellite inputs. Are you sure you are not mistaking the external aerial input - which is a splitter for TV and Radio/FM?



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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated

No I am not sure atall,,,,,,, :)

There ar 3 connections on the back of the unit -

One says SAT2 input and has room for one cable, Ones says Triplexed Input which is I guess where the TV areal connects, these are both in the same part of the unit, the third is on the return connection, oh and then there is the phone.

See attachments for detail (photos)

Thanks again


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Stevenage Neil

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The box on the right, labelled Labgear, shows two inputs - the arrows on the clamp.


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Correct, one says 'SAT2 Input' the other says 'triplexed input', are you saying that one SAT cable goes into one of these the other goes in the other? If this is the case where does the TV areal go? The side where it says labgear is one unit with 2 inputs and 4 outputs (on the front).

I guess I expected to open it and find 4 inputs, one for an FM areal, one for a TV areal and two for the satellite connections.....

Sorry if I am being thick,


Stevenage Neil

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There has to be a third input to the Labgear box for the aerial input - take the cover off and look.

As I said before, the labgear box will split the single aerial input into TV and Radio/FM.


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Thanks Neil,

I took the cover off all it has is a printed circuit board with a load of tiny coils on it.

I will take some more photos tomorrow when I get in from work, see if we can get to the bottom of it. But definitely only two connections, unless the return is used for the aerial connection.

Appreciate you taking the time to help,



Stevenage Neil

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Apologies for previous "duff" guesswork, you are quite correct, one of the satellite inputs is multiplexed.

So now the question arises: Do you need terrestrial TV in the bedroom? If not, then you will not need an additional loft box.


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