Replacing speaker driver


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One of the bass units on my 77C1 has been quite badly damaged internally in transit. It makes a very nasty scratching sound as it travels, obviously rubbing against the magnet (or whatever) inside.

Mission can send me a new driver for about £25, is it going to be difficult to replace by myself or should I just send it back for repair.

I don't know what's holding it all together, if it's just a case of unscrewing the retaining screws and swapping over the wiring I should be fine but am I likely to be surprised and not be able to put the thing back together again?

I'm handy with a screwdriver and soldering iron but have zero coordination :)


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Shouldn't be too bad - the only thing is it may have a sealant around the driver to keep the seal airtight - be prepared to nip down to the DIY shop and get some mastic.

As always with these things, make sure you write down/sketch/take a photo of the connections to make sure you replace them in exactly the same way - you don't want the driver wired out of phase!

Good luck!


If i remember correctly, mission centres usually just use a gasket.

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