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Replacing pioneer vsx 1015


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Hi guys im just in the process of replacing my pioneer vsx 1015. I loved this amp and have it running with MK xenon speakers. Does anyone have any recommendations for a new amp. Im looking at the Onkyo 608. People keep telling me to look at Denon but i had a Denon amp a few years back and i hated it.


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The Onkyo 608 isn't going to run them properly. To run Xenons properly, you'll need to be looking at the likes of the Yamaha RXV3067 (maybe RXV2067), Pioneer SCLX73 or SCLX83, or Onkyo 808. If you're looking at used receivers, you should ideally be looking at the Yamaha DSPZ7, Onkyo 906, or SCLX72 or SCLX82.
The Xenons are a 4ohm load, and need a stable receiver in order to drive them properly and not overheat.


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So in the receiver what do i need to look for the level of ohm output? sorry ive never had to match some MK speakers with anything! They sound good with my pioneer vsx 1015..



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As DavidF said above the MK are 4 ohms so put a greater load on a reciever. This means you need a reciever with a good power supply to prevent the reciever overloading or causing clipping. This can cause damage to both the reciever and the speakers. Bigger (better) power supplies come with higher level recievers hence the suggestions above.
I believe the 608 is capable of running a 6 ohm load but Onkyos are already known for running hot so not sure I would want to put more load on one making it run even hotter. Also the 6ohm switch on it only limits the power available so protecting the reciever but has a knock on impact of lowering sound quality.

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