Replacing Old Apartment Intercom - bitron video AV4005


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I live in an apartment block so obviously I cannot change the whole intercom setup, but I am looking at potentially changing my receiver if possible with something that could connect up to my phone / alexa / google home.

I'm looking at replacing a (pretty old) bitron video MV3000 handset with something that can stretch the existing building's tech as much as possible!

I know of two products which appear to be quite similar to each other (I am not sure whether either will work):

Neither of these appear to support video though and it looks like I will still need my current really ancient looking device.

At the very least I would like to replace the handset with something compatible which looks half decent and then have the nello / nuki potentially attached. The video I suppose is a nice to have!

Anybody know of any other options?
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Door Intercoms do not work like that. The Door Station and the Receiver need to match technologies. Just bolting a new Receiver onto an old Door Station is unlikely to work. You will need to know what your signalling protocol from the Door Station is and the wiring requirements, voltages etc.

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