Replacing NEC with an Optoma 3D cabling consideratins


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I have an existing av install , in the living room, with the components nicely "built" in , no spaghetti junctions all cabling neatly concealed, in walls and ceilings.( no provisioning for cat 5 or 6 however) This is now of course a problem , as I need to run HDMI /cat 5 to my new optoma 3d. I've searched the forum for suggestions, and there are indeed many helpful articles. I would in addition appreciate some extra guidance / suggestions.
I'm also installing Apple TV, a Blu ray 3d player and a HD satellite decoder (Which also need HDMI feeds to the projector),all of these components are in the same rack.

My question is , what would be the best way , and what devices should I buy ( suggestions greatly appreciated) to get an HD / 3D image from 3 devices, ATV, Blu ray 3d and satellite Hd decoder, to a 3D projector ?

I don't think i have to worry about audio, as the devices are local to the av amp, and i can feed optical from each to the amp directly, just to further complicate it a tad , my av amp doesn't support HDMI.

What's possible:

1. I can just about get 2 cat 5/6 cables to the equipment rack from the projector location, which is about 8meters through the ceiling void, with a little persuasion ( I hope), without any need to replaster anything.

2. The projector has 2 HDMI inputs, which looks after two of the three devices, so two devices may need a switcher between them.

3. I don't have a huge budget to spend on additional switching/extenders 3-400 would be my max.

I want to of course maintain he 3d capabilities , if running Cat 5 with extenders I believe this is possible,however his depends on the type of extender I buy?

Your suggestions or tips greatly appreciated.


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