Replacing NAD C 372. Two Amps or One ??


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I have had my NAD C372 Integrated Amp with NAD C272 power Amp for 2 years. Speakers are Wharfedale Evo 30 and CD player Arcam CD 72.

Earlier this year both Amps blew-up and were repaired free of charge by NAD (a known issue mentioned on their website). Now again the C372 has broken down (RedLight Power Cut-off, checked all speaker cables, cross overs etc.). I am losing faith with the safety of the NADs and thus want to get a new amp/s and keep my CD player and speakers.
I am looking to spend £800-1200 and am trying to decide upon an integrated amp or biamping set up.

Have 3 major options:

1.Roksan Kandy K2 (has preamp output for adding power amp at later date)
2.NAIM 5i (no preamp output, but highly regarded sound)
3.Cyrus 8vs2 (has preamp for later power amp)
4.Cyrus 8 Power + Cyrus Pre vs2

Which option would give best sound (listen to mainly classical some rock)??

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