Replacing My Rogers LS2/2a Speakers on Stands


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I'm replacing my vintage 1993 (I think) Rogers LS2/2a speakers and their stands after some 15 years' flawless continuous service. I'm replacing with Monitor Audio Silver S8s and wondered if anyone had views on the difference (improvement?) I might expect. The cabinet volume of the new speakers is some three times that of the Rogers so, I guess, the bass response should be better at least.

The Rogers are still working fine and are in very good condition cosmetically - I'm only changing them because I now want a beech veneer finish whereas these are black ash - so guess they should still be worth a bit.

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My dad used to have a pair of LS2/2a driven by a Musical Fidelity A1 and jolly good fun they were too.

I would take a long hard listen before deciding the S8s are the logical replacement. The presentation of the more mainstream brands may well be too 'in-yer-face' for those of mature hi-fi taste, so don't discount the likes of Spendor.

Happily, I believe they can be found along side MA in a lot of Sevenoaks Sound & Vision branches which appear on most street corners.



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Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments Russell.

I'm auditioning the S8s next week and will bear your comments in mind. I have to say that I opted for the S8s principally because Monitor Audio is a quality brand I recognise and I'm getting a pristine pair in original boxes for under £400, which strikes me as a decent price.

These days I tend to listen mostly to DAB (Radio 4, Radio 2) and TV; since I was a teenager in the 70s I've appreciated how good TV sound is - and it's improved enormously since the days of 16mm com-opt film, quadruplex VTRs and 'copper' contribution/distribution circuits. Certainly anyone listening to a TV set's internal speakers is seriously short-changing themselves in these all-digital days.

In the past I've worked for Piccadilly Radio, Manchester and BBC TV, London so have come across Spendors and they are, indeed, fine speakers. When Channel 4 moved to a new building in 1994 we opted for Genelecs in the control rooms.

Before the LS2/2as I had LS6s, I think - certainly they were larger - again acquired with the help of my BBC staff discount!

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