Replacing my PC with a PS3?


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I would like to start a discussion on this if possible.

As far as performance and processing power are concerned I think it's safe to say that the PS3 is up there with the very best top end gaming PC's so no problems there.

Can anyone confirm that you will comfortably be able to do this by running Linux? I've never used Linux and I'm assuming the PS3 won't run Windows. Will there be any trade offs in terms of not being able to do certain things that I did on Windows with my laptop?

I'm also wondering what other draw backs they'll be. What connections can I use other than HDMI for my plasma? Will I just be able to use the 2nd HDMI (if there is one) output to connect to a DVI input on a monitor.

We know that at some stage Sony will offer a firmware update for the bluetooth to allow bluetooth keyboards and mice to work with it. This would be good for me because I have a logitech bluetooth keyboard and mouse.


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I doubt if the PS3 would be able to download bit torrent files (I could be wrong). I'd be lost without lost!, prison break, sopranos, smallville etc.


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As long as the is a bit torrent client for the linux distribution i see not reason why you wont be able to download them, as for playing them people are playing dvds in linux and can play dvd's from any region

im not sure if the codecs are available though on ps3 linux builds to playback divx etc

It really depends on wht you use your laptop for for example if its internet surfing, email, the odd document creation there will be no issues..

Im hoping to install lunux next week (is my ps3 turns up on time) im not really sure yet how features the linux distribution is yet but it will almost certainly have a web browser, email client, openoffice and various other apps

can anyone conform what the current ps3 linux distros contain?


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Linux isn't really optimised for the PS3 yet anyway. It can only detect half the PS3's RAM, 2 of the 3 1/2 thousand cores etc....

I certainly wouldn't use it as a replacement, more of a compliment to the thing sat up in my office.


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When you say Linux isn't optimised yet is that something that will change over the next six months or are we talking a year or two?

I'm just wondering if I'll be able to install all the programs that I use on my laptop onto a Linux based OS. Like Adobe Photoshop CS2, Picasa, Nero, Microsoft Office (or if not then the Google office packages), Outlook, DVD Skrink, mp3 software, etc...


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as long as you don't use your pc for gaming, then I think the PS3 can easily replace it.
Since the main core in the cell is a PPC core, any linux software designed for PPC systems will work on the PS3. So as long as the app you want to use has a linux PowerPC version out, then it should work.

For MS office - openoffice will be ok. It can open, edit and save most if not all file types used by office (I'm not sure if it works with the new docx etc formats office 2007 uses though)

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