Replacing my big old Denon A1


Hi everybody

Back in 1993 I paid £2500 for the big Denon and since then I have changed most of my kit but but now of course this splendid Amp it cannot handle HDMI inputs from my various sources and cannot handle the two outputs to the new HD plasma and HD projector.

What should I do replace it with a like-for-like denon like the 4310 or Onkyo 905 or yamaha z7. I dont really want to go up to £2000 I cannot afford to.

Problem is my speakers need a lot of juice - they are a 7.1 M&K system with MP150s at the front and ss150s at rear/sides.

Thanks for your help.


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If you were happy with the sound you got from your existing Denon then I pressume a warm amp is better suited to your needs? The Onkyo will not have the warmth associated with either the Denon or the Yamaha amps you've mentioned. Given your budgetry requirements then I'd say the Yamaha Z7 is you best option. You should be able to get the Yamaha for something like £1600, less if you stress that you do not want the additional service and installation that is included in the advertised prices.

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We meet again :)

Which Denon amplifier do you have? If you have a version of the AVCA1 and feel that runs your M&K's well, which if it is it will, you may feel that the current amps you're looking at in your budget won't quite match up. If this is the case, I'd be tempted to use the Denon as a power amp, and either use a more up to date Denon as a processor, or have a look at the Onkyo PRSC5507 processor. This will give you the connectivity you need along with up to date processing, while still being able to drive your M&K's as well as they are currently.


Hi David

Sounds like a good option. Would the Onkyo retain the warm sound you get from the Denon or Yamaha? Is there an alternative processor to the Onkyo which mihgt be "better"?


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I don't think it'll be the same as the Denon or Yamaha, but there will be a certain amount of warmth retained by the A1 amplification.

I suppose the main alternative to the Onkyo would be the Rotel RSP1570 or marantz AV8003, which are both either side of the Onkyo's price point.

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