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Replacing KEF PSW2000 but with what?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Strangecow, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Strangecow


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    Greetings from Sweden,

    I have, since a couple of years, a KEF KHT 2005.1 system that I generally am very happy with but lately I have been thinking about replacing the subwoofer with something better. A subwoofer that would give more bass with movies and better bass with music.

    Here are my main alternatives:

    Mordaunt Short 909W - Approx. 550£ in Sweden
    Infinity Kappa Subwoofer - Approx. 570£ in Sweden
    KEF PSW 2500 - Approx 370£ in Sweden
    Ruark Log Rhytm Mk1 - 280£ if I manage to order one from UK

    The idea is that the subwoofer should work work better with the KEF "Eggs" than the original PSW2000 (60/40 movies/music) but it should also work the day I'm able to find a new house with space for a dedicated home cinema room where the new subwoofer mainly will be used for movies.

    Comment's regarding my list as well as other suggestions are appreciated.

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