Replacing Denon AVR3806? Advice Required


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I have the following set up:

Denon AVR3806
MS Genie Satellite speakers
BK XLS 300 Subwoofer
Sky HD

I was thinking about upgrading the amp, no real reason why other than its age.

The 3806 is probably overkill for my set up, but Its a nice amp that gives me options so Id like to stick with similar levels of performance.

Since the PS3 can bitstream HD audio, it would be nice to have an amp that can do that.

Thought about an older 2nd hand AVR3808, but its still a bit old so am not sure

Any recommendations?




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What is your budget?
What options does the 3806 give you that you want to maintain? Amps of the ability of the 3806 are really wasted on your speakers and need much better to get the full benefit of improved sound quality. Unless you plan to upgrade the speakers then you could go for a lower receiver with no loss in sound quality. New amps have more features hence you will probably have the same options if not more by going for a new lower reciever.

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