Question Replacing Ceol N8 - Another CEOL or something better?


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Hi everyone, longtime lurker, first time poster!

I’ve been using my CEOL N8 as an office system for a good 6 years now, and it has started to get a bit finicky with network stuff; first dropping out when using Airplay and now losing Spotify connection intermittently.

Am thinking of replacing it, but I’m wondering whether I’m best just getting the latest CEOL (probably the N10 as I don’t care about DAB), or whether to switch to Marantz’s equivalent; or even up the budget a bit and go for the Powernode 2i. I’d ideally like to notice an improvement in sound for my money, and I gather the newer CEOL has an improved DAC? But am also thinking there may be other sound improvements to be had.

I’m quite happy with my Q Acoustics 3020i at the moment, and my main use for the system is as an amp for my 1210GR turntable (via pre-amp) with a bit of streaming (Spotify, iTunes via Airplay) and a very tiny bit of CD play (which I could lose without too much worry if I’d get a big sound upgrade.)

I’d also like the option to add a sub, and if I was able to push sound to Bluetooth headphones that would be a nice to have; also!

Any thoughts?



If it is getting temperamental try a full factory reset and setup again - fixed mine.


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I did upgrade last year from the N9 for the same reason (connectivity issues became really irksome). I got the N10 and it is something else. Heos is good, better on board software and connectivity. The previous glitches have been fixed.It runs on dual wifi (both 2.4 and 5ghz) and i make the most of the fast wireless 5ghz broadband. Airplay is upgraded to airplay2 and it works great. Last but not least it seems to me the sound is improved so i suspect they upgraded the internal components. This unit can play DSD up to 5.6 Mhz. If I were you i'd give it thought.


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Heos don't support Qobuz (yet?) which might be an issue if you want to get into hi-res streaming in the future. I'd certainly look at Bluesound (Powernode 2i) which has a really good app and MusicCast (Yamaha WXA-50 perhaps) as alternatives.

Tom @ Cinehome

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The Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 is superb and has the turntable input. RoomPerfect is brilliant and blends subwoofer(s) like no other system we have used. Highly recommended unit. We love it.

Best, Tom

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