Replacing Bose Lifestyle System With Something Else - Help needed!


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well mrs has decided we're having a re-decorate in the living room and my end of her renovations will be a new tv - I'm thinking of the Samsung UE65ES8000 as an upgrade from my current 52" Sony.

Some years back with the advent of little footsteps, I had to get rid of my lovely Mission floorstanders & surround backs & replaced them with a Bose lifestyle system. I've never really got on with it (it's paired with a DENON 2105 amp - don't know as they really match well tbh) so it's going on Ebay & I'm looking for an alternative which will not only give me decent surround sound for primarily movies & tv, but which will also be wife friendly as she's categorically stated "no wires trailing everywhere!!".

I know I could have chased the walls, but we're beyond that stage now for any rears (cables all hidden in the wall for av to tv with capacity for addtional wiring if needed), so if it's a multi speaker setup then it'll have to be wireless.

I'm considering either;

a) A soundbar of some sort.

b) A Sonos setup.

c) A conventional front end wired/wireless from the amp plus wireless rears.

Any advice/recommendations are much appreciated.

I have plenty of power outlets for the rears if needed btw, and if the amp is the problem, then this may be the ideal time to replace it with another - again advice/recommendations please.

In terms of budget, I'd say I could go between £500 - £1000 ish if needed, so hopefully there will be a solution out there for me.

Thanks in advance.



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Come on gang, hasn't anyone got any ideas for me? Please help.



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Wireless has been covered numerous times so if you use the search function, the (same old) answers will come up. Adding wireless rear speakers to a separates based setup e.g. AV Receiver will be expensive and I don't really know of anyone that uses one. That should tell you something. Lots of people want a wireless solution and the more expensive all-in-one home cinema systems offer you this, usually by purchasing an optional wirleess module. If you want surround sound, then I would rule out a soundbar and Sonos (?). A modern AV Receiver with HDMI inputs will enable you to switch between your sources using a single HDMI cable to the TV. Note that Sky+ HD only outputs stereo over HDMI so a separate digital audio cable is required. Most AV Receivers have an assignment feature whereby you assign the digital audio input to the HDMI input so that the audio and video match up and the AV Receiver takes the audio from the digital audio input.

Have you thought about conduit for the rears e.g. D-line? It's available at B&Q and TLC-Direct. Could you run flat speaker cable around the room under carpet or behind skirtings/carpet grippers?

Cable management cable tidy cable cover cord covers cable management

There used to be a company that advertised on the forum (IIRC) that sold wireless modules but I can't find them anymore. WHF did a blog feature on Rocketfish. Link

I would also recommend a universal remote e.g. Logitech Harmony One.

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