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I'm trying to figure out what's the easiest way to fix a deformed tweeter cone of my B&W HTM3s center speaker. It is clear that functionally the speaker is unaffected and the tweeter is only cosmetically impacted, but I would still want to get it fixed.

Now based on the parts that I saw on B&W Support website, I can purchase the entire tweeter ($228) or just the cone assembly ($128). I have no idea yet on how to take out that cone assembly from the tweeter to just replace that or if I need to remove the entire tweeter to replace that little cone alone. I actually unscrewed the 3 screws around the dome, and I can tell the whole assembly is moving forward, but I'm afraid to pull it.

Does anyone here has experience replacing such a cone and help me with some ideas? I can't find any relevant video online.


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I've "repaired" tweeters with sticky tape. Take a small amount and gently stick it to the cone then pull it off. The force of the glue is often enough to reshape the tweeter. Just be gentle.

Failing that, when I blew my tweeters I was able to both my 805s to B&W who repaired the damage and tested the rest of the speaker for not much more than the cost of parts. It was about a week's turnaround time too.


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Yeah, so I ended up following the examples in one YouTube video:

I removed the cone and use my fingers and the eraser at the back of a pen to push it back and smoothen it out. You can definitely tell is not perfectly smooth, but at least is not pushed in anymore.

Thanks guys!

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