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Hello and Happy New Year,

I looking for some guidance on how best to replace my current Sony STR-DN1050 receiver and potentially my front and centre speakers, precipitated by the purchase of a new Samsung Q70R TV.

My current setup consists of:

- Samsung QE49Q70R TV
- Sony STR-DN1050 receiver
- Virgin Media V6 STB
- Kef 2000.2 Eggs for front, centre, and rear surrounds
- Cambridge Audio Minx X201 sub
- Apple TV 4K
- Logitech Harmony Elite

I've already removed the Apple TV as this is now redundant with the TV.
The Samsung Universal remote seems to work well with the TV, receiver & Virgin box, so I may be making the Logitech redundant too.

I've come to realise that the Sony receiver doesn't support HDCP 2.2 so isn't dealing with 4K video from the Virgin box so I'm looking into replacing this receiver.

As my front and centre Kef eggs are being the TV I'm considering a soundbar such as the Sonos Beam but want to keep the rears and sub as they are. Otherwise I'd consider replacing the receiver with the STR-DN1080.

Can anyone provide me with their thoughts and guidance on this?

Cheers, Greg.


I don't think you can use the Eggs for a Sonos, not 100% though. A surround sound is still going to sound better than a soundbar and is more flexible. You could get the receiver and the Eggs will still be as good as, if not better than the soundbar. Then you could replace the front three, match them with newer KEF speakers as the Eggs will still work extremely well for surrounds.


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You could use a Sonos Soundbar or Playbase combined with a Sonos Amp for the rear speakers driving the Kef’s but it will sound appalling and will be very expensive £1000 ish. The UniQ drivers in your KEFs are far superior to the Sonos and you will find a heavily DSP’d sound from the LCR and a very clean detailed sound from the KEFs at the rear. Spending that sort of money you would be much better off as @gibbsy says buying a new AVR and putting the rest to a new KEF LCR. For the less money you could buy a pair of KEF Q150s (£350) to replace the L and R eggs and an Denon AVR-X2600H for £450 to replace your amp. You could then save to buy the KEF Q250C Centre at £445, in the mean time using an egg as a Centre won’t sound that mis-matched. The Q250 may seem expensive but it will give you a huge soundstage.


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Thanks @mushii and @gibbsy for your responses. I've ditched the idea of going down the Sonos route, but opted to get the Sony 1080 receiver rather than the Denon.

Cheers, Greg.
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