Replacing an old system?


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I'm getting a new tv in a few weeks (Samsung m86) and noticed that the surround sound speaker system I have is pretty outdated and I don't think it's going to be much use. The tv's speakers don't get a great review so it looks like I'll need a new speaker system at some point.

Looking at pictures of the connections on the new tv and dvd player I plan on getting it looks like my speaker system will not be of any use at all. So I'd need a new amp for that.

Also what input/putput connections do I need it to have the best sound for my tv, 360, hd dvd drive and dvd player?

I've already spent too much on the tv so i'd like to keep any costs as low as possible or else I'll need to put off getting anything for a few months.
Would I be better off going for a new amp and using my existing speakers (the sub isn't very good at all) or would I be better getting a budget all in one system?

Would really appreciate some help with all this as I'm not really sure where to start and what I should be looking at. Recommended systems and places to buy from would be very much appreciated. Thanks


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Anyone able to offer any advice/suggestions.

Struggling to decide if its better to get an amp and use my existing speakers or just to buy an all in one system.



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I don't mind swapping over sound cables to get sound from the DVD/Xbox360 if it would work out a bit cheaper - obviously can't use both at the same time.

How much is an amp with the required connections likely to cost?

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