Replacing AMD Stock Cooler


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Hi guys, im a total noob when it comes to this stuff seen as though this is my first 'proper' pc :)

Im looking to replace the stock cooler on my fx 6300 as the stock one is stupidly loud and id like to overclock it a bit :)

However im not sure what cpu cooler will fit in my case:

AvP Triton Black Midi Tower Gaming Case - - MZ402 - CCL Computers

Also i have 2 x 2gb sticks and looking to buy another 2x 2gb so not sure if the ram will get in the way?

Any help much appreciated :)


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Usually it'll say in the description/spec sheet/manual what clearance you have for a CPU cooler. It's a fairly big case though, so I'd only expect potential problems over about 140mm.

Ram banks are generally filled outwards from the CPU so more sticks are unlikely to be a problem if the current ones aren't, unless they've got sticky up decorations on top.


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The case is nackered anyways and I want a nice shiny new one :p plus the new one can take water cooling

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